︎SAKEYAKI, 2018︎

A  Vinol Jacket


My project is a traditional silhouette of women bomber jacket but with PVC material as self-fabric. The purpose of making this jacket is to help the student who needs to stay up in the school (half-homeless) and maybe need to go out to buy food at late night. It would be very chilly and windy outside compare to the high temperature at daytime, so they need a lightweight jacket but still get warm and anti-wind. The PVC is the left over from my roommate’s last project and the black fabric is what I got from A&A. It’s from Italy and waterproof from one side. So the whole jacket is very waterproof except for the ribbing parts. When meeting rainy and windy weather, the jacket would be useful and cozy when wearing it. I copied my pattern from one of my own bomber jackets.

My inspiration is originally coming from a vintage Helmut Lang jacket, which contains backpack strips. But then I realized that the plastic material is very hard to flip over and it’s not possible to make a perfect backpack. Then I get other inspirations from Comme des Garcons PVC jacket.

A Vinol Jacket
Design: Yaqi Zhang
Model: Ruohan Nie